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WordPress theme Design Step by Step – Pdf ebook free Download

WordPress theme design ebook step by step

Welcome to WordPress theme design! This title is intended to take you through the ins and outs of creating sophisticated professional themes for the WordPress personal publishing platform. WordPress was originally, and is foremost, a blog system. Throughout the majority of this book’s chapters—for simplicity’s sake—I’ll be referring to it as a blog or blog system. But don’t be fooled; since its inception, WordPress has evolved way beyond mere blogging capabilities and has many standard features that are expandable with plug-ins and widgets, which make it comparable to a full CMS (Content Management System).
In these upcoming chapters, we’ll walk through all the necessary steps required to aid, enhance, and speed your WordPress theme design process. From design tips and suggestions to packaging up the final theme, we’ll review the best practices for a range of topics: designing a great theme, rapid theme development, coding markup, testing, debugging, and taking it live.
The last three chapters are dedicated to additional tips, tricks, and various cookbook recipes for adding popular site enhancements to your WordPress theme designs using third-party plug-ins, as well as creating your own custom plug-ins.

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