Sunday , 9 August 2020

Windows7 bible ebook free download

The book you need to succeed! Get the most out of Windows 7 with this complete guide Whether you’re new to Windows or moving from XP or Vista, this comprehensive book from a Microsoft expert will get you thoroughly up to speed on the much-anticipated new Windows 7. Covering all three parts of the new platform—the core OS, Windows Live Essentials, and Windows Live Services—this step-by-step guide is packed with practical techniques and tips. Get set up, manage files, blog, add Bluetooth, build a home network, and more.

• Set up user accounts, security, parental controls, and printing

• Get quick access to your programs with new Jump lists

• Explore Windows Live Services such as Desktop Gadgets Gallery and Hotmail

• Make movies, play music, share photos, and more with Windows Live Essentials

• Manage files, understand metadata, and conduct power searches

• Sync your hardware devices and performance tune everything

• Keep track of your favorite Internet content with Web Slices

• Create a home network or share files with HomeGroup


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