Friday , 3 July 2020

Wi-Max Broadband Wireless Paper Presentation ebook free download


A wireless revolution is seeping into our daily lives never before. Sooner or
later we are all going to go wireless. Broadband Wireless Access has occupied a niche in
the market for about a decade. The recently developed Blue tooth wireless technology is
a low power, short-range technology for ëad hocí cable replacement and it enables people
to wirelessly combine devices wherever they bring them. Due to the
short-range limitations of Blue tooth, the recent emergence of Wifi has replaced it.
Wifi popularly known as 802.11 is a moderateñrange, moderateñspeed technology based
on Ethernet. It allows people to wirelessly access throughout a location. Although the
technologies share
a 2.4GHz band, they have potentially overlapping applications. As more and more people
use Wifi, more and more people are getting frustrated with its coverage limitations. The
demand for more coverage has opened a door for WiMax.

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