Sunday , 5 July 2020

The Everything Practice Interview: Pdf ebook free Download

WOULDN’T IT BE NICE IF YOU COULD send out your resume for a position you’re qualified for and simply be offered a job? After all, everything about you is right there on your resume, isn’t it? You should know—you put it there yourself.
But, no, everything about you is not on your resume. Think of your resume as a pencil drawing of who you really are. There is no dimension to it. It has no color and no expression. Basically, it’s pretty flat. Not at all like you; you are multifaceted. You’ve made choices throughout your career. You reached certain goals and had many accomplishments. You should have a chance to talk about all of that, because those details are what will make
an employer want to hire you.
The job interview is your chance to show your prospectivee mployer who you really are and what you can bring to the position. By asking you questions, a prospective employer can learn all about you and why you made the choices you made. He can discover what motivates you and what makes you proud. The interviewer can find out how you will fit in with his company. Will you get along with other employees? Will you make important contributions to his organization?

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