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Psychologists (Clinical, Counselling and School) Guide ebook free Download

Why people do the things they do is an age-old question. PSYCHOLOGISTS study two critical relationships: one between brain function and behavior, and one between the environment and
behavior. They study both normal and abnormal behavior and also treat patients with mental and emotional problems.
Psychologists help people identify their problems, figure out ways to best cope with them, change behaviors or habits, and develop their highest potential. They provide mental health care to individuals or groups who suffer from such disorders or conditions as depression, stress, chronic pain, substance abuse, anxiety, and phobias. Psychologists who do research investigate the physical, mental,´╗┐emotional, or social aspects of human behavior, and are in the forefront of studies to alleviate or reduce mental and emotional
disorders. Psychologists may work with business executives, performers, and athletes to combat stress and improve performance. They advise lawyers on jury selection and collaborate with educators on school reform. They show up immediately following a disaster such as a plane crash or bombing to help victims and
bystanders recover from the trauma or shock of the event. Psychologists are involved in all aspects of our lives. The American Psychological Association identifies more than 50 specialties within the field of psychology. Psychologists usually work in one of the following four broad areas of

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