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Programming with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET, Sixth Edition ebook free download

Programming with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET, Sixth Edition
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735615497
edition 2002
1038 pages
14,25 mb
This title is the complete programming reference for intermediate and expert developers who want to create .NET applications with Visual C++ and the .NET Framework. Focusing on core programming techniques, instructions, and solutions, this book is designed to help developers who are already familiar with Visual C++ discover what’s new in Visual C++.NET and learn how to use the language and their programming skills with the Windows operating system to produce a new generation of killer .NET applications. An enhanced eBook in Microsoft Help 2 format, extensive real-world programming examples, and reusable code on a companion CD-ROM all give readers the complete answers they need to solve specific .NET coding problems faster.

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