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MCITP SQL Server 2005 Database Administration All in One Exam Guide

SQl Server 2005 DB Administration all in One Exam Guide

With Microsoft support of SQL Server 2000 ending on April 8, 2008, the importance of SQL Server 2005 continues to increase. Watching job advertisements, I’m seeing more and more job openings for database administrators in general, and an increase in SQL Server 2005 listed in the desired skill set. As the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 market share grows, so does the demand for qualified DBMS experts to develop and maintain complex databases. Certifications are an ideal way to demonstrate knowledge and mastery of any product, including SQL Server 2005, and often certifications open new doors and opportunities.Whether you’re trying to learn SQL Server from scratch, or upgrade your skills from SQL Server 2000, pursuing the MCITP certification is a great path to guide your studies. I’ve earned several certifications from Microsoft, and I’ve found that by pursuing certifications, I’m able to learn a good mix of what’s needed on the job and what Microsoft considers significant new enhancements to a product. While this book will guide your studies to help you prepare for the MCITP certification, you’ll also learn a lot of job skills that can help you shine as a DBA.

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