Wednesday , 8 July 2020

Manage Software testing E-book free download


manage software testing ebook free download
We all know what testing is. We’ve been doing it for years, in and out of school. We took tests, and teachers gave us marks and told us we were good, bad, or indifferent. People had got the idea that tests might be used to predict things about other people. In 1904 a Frenchman called Alfred Binet was given the task of deciding whether or not children were subnormal. Monsieur Binet was a member of a committee of Eminent Frenchmen, each eager to propose his own Theory of Child Intelligence and How It can be Determined. M. Binet listened, extracted from each Eminent Frenchman a set of tests, added many of his own invention, and tried them out on sets of children. From the behavior of the children he decided which tests were useful. He then threw out those tests which failed to predict successfully, and tried again.

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