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iPhone Application Development for Dummies ebook free Download

iPhone Application Development For Dummies is a beginner’s guide to developing iPhone applications. And not only do you not need any iPhone development experience to get started, you don’t need any Macintosh development experience either. I expect you to come as a blank slate, ready to be filled with useful information and new ways to do things. Because of the nature of the iPhone, you can create small, bite-sized applications that can be really powerful. And since you can start small and create real applications that do something important for a user, it’s relatively easy to transform yourself from “I know nothing” into a developer who, though not (yet) a superstar, can still crank out quite a respectable application. But the iPhone can be home to some pretty fancy software as well — so I’ll take you on a journey through building an industrial-strength application and show you the ropes for developing one on your own.

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