Friday , 10 July 2020

HTML & XHTML in 24 Hours by Dick Oliver and Michael Morrison

HTML & XHTML in 24 Hours 6th Edition
by Dick Oliver and Michael Morrison
Scripting is a polite word for computer programming, and that’s obviously an enormous topic you’re not going to learn much about in a one-hour lesson. Still, there are some awfully handy things you can do in a snap with scripting—and things you can’t do any other way. So with a spirit of bold optimism, this hour aims to help you teach yourself just enough Web page scripting to make your pages stand out from the “non-de-script” crowd. Specifically, you’ll learn in this hour how to make the images (or multimedia objects) on your Web pages change in response to mouse movements or mouse clicks, as well as how to jump into the advertising business by adding animated banner ads to your Web pages that cycle between different ad images. Using the JavaScript language, you can do these tasks in a way that is compatible with all major Web browsers.

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