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Hotel Front Office Management (3rd Edition) by James A. Bardi

Hotel Front Office Management
Hotel Front Office Management

The objective of most hospitality establishments is to produce a profit. To meet this goal,  factors such as current economic conditions, marketing plans, competition, and staff size and ability are constantly reviewed.

The general manager, the person in charge of directing and leading the hotel staff in meeting its financial, environmental, and community responsibilities, develops and stylizes organization charts that fit his or her plan to meet the goals of the particular company. The organization charts—schematic drawings that list management positions in an organization— that are included in this chapter are offered only as instructional examples. An organization chart represents the span of control for the general manager. Not all hotels have every position listed in these organization charts. Persons pursuing a career in the hotel industry will be called upon many times throughout their career to develop or restructure an organization. The people who are part of these operational plans will have a direct influence on the type of structure you develop or regroup. The goals of the organization must be paramount in the decision-making process. However, there must be flexibility to make the plan work. This section points out the major organizational features of a lodging property and typical managerial duties of the people within the organization.


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