Monday , 6 July 2020

Administrator's Guide to SQL Server 2005 By Buck Woody

Administrator’s Guide to SQL Server 2005
By Buck Woody

  • Timesaving tips, practical applications, and start-to-finish examples throughout
  • Understand the key “decision points” at every stage of your SQL Server deployment
  • Perform day-to-day maintenance more efficiently, from hotfixes to backup/recovery
  • Automate maintenance tasks with the SQL Server Agent
  • Establish and audit security on SQL Server 2005 and the underlying Windows Server platform
  • Monitor and optimize SQL Server: baselining, profiling, index strategies, query refactoring, and more
  • Maximize availability using replication, clustering, mirroring, and SQL Server’s new online indexing
  • Leverage important new improvements in Integration Services and Reporting Services
  • Use Analysis Services to support enterprise-class Business Intelligence deployments
  • Even set up a simple configuration of SQL Server 2005 for freelegally!

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