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Swathi Pdf 1st November 2013 Telugu Weekly

Swathi Pdf 1st November 2013

Swathi Pdf 1st November 2013

Swathi Pdf is the largest circulated Telugu weekly eMagazine from Andhra Pradesh, India. Swathi Pdf is called in Telugu as “Saparivaara Patrika”. Swathi Pdf is published by Swathi Publications in Vijayawada. Swathi Pdf is a popular Telugu magazine in Andhra Pradesh.

Swathi Pdf covers women interested topics , serials, stories, children articles, cinema news, politics, beauty tips, analysing problems of women’s, interested topics, health related articles and celebrity interviews. 

Swathi Pdf 1st November 2013 Telugu eMagazine free Download.

Swathi Pdf 01-10-2013 Telugu Magazine free Download.


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