Tuesday , 14 August 2018

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Ajax JavaScript and PHP e-books free download

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Although strictly speaking Ajax is not itself a technology, it mixes well-known programming techniques in an uncommon way to enable web developers to build Internet applications with much more appealing user interfaces than those to which we have become accustomed. When using popular desktop applications, we expect the results of our work to …

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GRE Bible v2.1 ebook free download

GRE Bible v2.1

Hi frnds here is the link for GRE Bible Software which is useful for preparing GRE. It uses flash and is very interactive, so it is very better when compared with ordinary Barrons or any other institute material. It contains wordlists and 7 levels of exercises on words from each wordlist It also has quant material,AWA section is also there. …

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